• 85 euros per person

  • Aperitif, menu, drinks and coffee

  • A date can be created for you from 10 people.

  • Maxi 12 Persons


This concept is inspired by an idea from a German professor.

In 1998, the German professor Andreas Heinecke invented an experiment, in which blind guides accompany visitors through an exhibition that takes place in complete darkness.

The Frenchman Michel Reilhac reinvented this experience by offering a project intended entirely for dinners in the dark with Julien Prunet, a young, blind radio host. A popup restaurant “LE GOUT DU NOIR” opened in 1999 in the neighborhood of Montorgueil in Paris. In Switzerland, a restaurant that no doubt took inspiration from “LE GOUT DU NOIR” opened in Zurich in 1999. It’s called “BLINDE KUH” (“Blind cow” in German)
The dinner in the dark from Chiggeri is a unique experience. The tasted dishes have a completely different taste and the shared moment is filled with spontaneity where listening is the key to the dinner in the dark.

The slightest noise, the slightest smell, texture and taste are of great importance and are real indicators.

For this experience to be perfect, our waiters are equipped with night vision goggles. Our chef takes on the challenge of cooking as refined as it is entertaining and educational through our famous “surprise menus”. The meal is accompanied by carefully selected wines.

Would you dare eat in total darkness?
Without knowing what you are eating?



Wednesday 16.11.2022 – fully booked

Thursday 17.11.2022 – fully booked

Friday 18.11.2022 – fully booked

Tuesday 22.11.2022 – fully booked

Wednesday 23.11.2022 – fully booked

Thursday 24.11.2022 – fully booked

Tuesday 29.11.2022 – fully booked

Wednesday 30.11.2022 – fully booked

Thursday 01.12.2022 – fully booked

Tuesday 06.122022 – 6 places free

Wednesday 07.11.2022 – fully booked

Thursday 08.12.2022 – 8 places free

Thursday 15.12.2022 – 10 places free

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