Emily’s Hot Dog

Emily's Hot Dog - My daughter Emily decided to enter this world on a nice summer evening. Holding her in our arms, we told ourselves, her mother and I, that it was the best day of our lives. But when I left the maternity ward in the middle of the night, I found nothing else to satisfy my hunger than a very bad hot dog at a petrol station. The contrast between joy and food was huge. And so [...]


Chiggeri‘s Lasagna

CHIGGERI'S LASAGNA - Since forever, I have helped my mother prepare fresh pasta for family events. Our homemade Lasagna has always been special, very different from what we could eat in a restaurant. Over time, I tried to improve it by pushing the finesse of the dough to the extreme. Today, our Lasagna provides a sensation of unique lightness on the palate, due to a silky pasta and the absence of white sauce. I passed on this know-how to [...]